Our applications are sat on state of the art servers with many processors and lots of memory.  It's rare a performance issue is related to our server, and more likely to be:

  1. Bandwidth issues. In most cases, we find it's due to local IT restrictions/bandwidth issues. i.e. using the tool over lunchtime when there's lots of other internet traffic.

  2. Prioritisation.  Our URL is unknown to the trust so is treated the same as all other non-work related traffic. Some IT teams can help speed up access by 'whitelisting' our site. Please let your local IT team know that the following IP address should be prioritised. (https://analyse.adviseinc.co.uk/qlikview)

  3. The selections you've made in the tool.  When you're analysing in real-time over 30 million rows of data, some views can be slow to load.  If this happens, simply refresh your browser window and start again. 

If you think there's something else going on that we need to be aware of, please raise a ticket with us.