Within Procurement Dashboard (PD), it is possible to create custom tables using a wide range of measures and dimensions, while applying any filters that you require, eg suppliers, financial years, and cost centres.

1) With your required filters already selected, head to the 'Custom' tab, circled below in Orange.



2) You can select up to 6 dimensions and 6 measures from the list.



3) Once you have chosen the columns you wish to add, you can rearrange the column by clicking and dragging the columns to your desired order.



4) By clicking and dragging the column up it will add the measure/dimension as a row along the top. Very useful for comparing across months or financial years, as shown below.




5) As with all tables within PD you can then right-click in the table and select "Send to Excel" to be able to complete any additional analysis outside of the tool.



If you would like more training on how to use this tab you can head over to Litmos and watch the 'Custom Tab' training video under "Procurement Dashboard - Intermediate Course"