Many Organisations provide their buyer, requisitioner and requisitioner approver names in their PO files. If you provide this, it can enable you to carry out a lot of extra valuable analysis within the tool.

If you do not currently supply this information but would be interested in adding this in please reach out to us at and we would be happy to assist.

You can only view these fields for your own trust, no other trust can view this information. 

An easy way of viewing this information is simply by using the filters on the left and selecting the desired Buyers / Requisitioners or Approvers. You can either select and drag down the list or hold down CTRL and select the ones you wish to view.

Alternatively, you can twist any of the tables within PD with a cyclic arrow to view by Buyer / Requisitioner or Approver. To do this simply right click the arrow circled in the screenshot below.

You can then select the desired category you wish to view the data by from the list. For example, if you select 'Buyer', the summary table will now split your spend out by your trust's buyers (if these are provided by your Trust)

One benefit of providing this information is that you can get a bit more detail and information surrounding your free text requisitions. A simple way to view this is to use the 'Flags' filter and select PO off catalogue. This will mean only those POs which weren’t ordered off your catalogue will show in the tool now.

Head to your orders tab, and Buyer sub-tab, to view the associated information with each of your buyers. Similar to above you can right-click the circular arrow to view by requisitioner or approver instead.