Within PD there is a wide range of ways that you can filter your data. As long as your Organisation supplies the full data then you will be able to use our filter selections to get your arms around the data

From any page within PD you can view what current filters you have selected in the 'Current Selections' box on the left-hand side. If they have a blue box next to them they mean they are locked filters and a green box means they are unlocked filters (you can read more about locking and unlocking filters here.).

As well as the wide range of filter options that you can see on the left you can also select the 'View all possible Selections' button below the 'Current Selection' box to view all of the available filters.

You can toggle between PO and Invoice filters by selecting the relevant button as highlighted in the image above. To add a particular selection you can click in the grey boxes next to the relevant selection and add the required selection. These will then appear in your 'current selections' box.

To return back to the main tab and close the filters panel you select 'Hide Selections' on the left-hand side under the 'current selections' box.

If you have any further questions or would like a live demo of how you can start utilising the various filters please reach out to the support team at support@adviseinc.co.uk