Within PD it is very simple to be able to view all of your HCTED spend both through NHS Supply Chain (if you are an English trust) and direct through suppliers.

With your Organisation selected add the "Excluded Devices" filter under the "Flags" filter pane.

There are many ways you can then analyse this spend. By heading to the "Opportunities" tab and the "Excluded Devices" sub-tab you can view this spend by Supplier or right-click the circular arrow to view the spend by Brand, Cost Centre, Subjective or Description. This tab gives you a more visual look into your HCTED spend and whether you are purchasing these direct with the supplier or via Supply Chain (for English Organisations).

To view only your HCTED spend that is currently directly with suppliers select the "Direct Supplier" filter under "Flags".

For organisations that supply Buyer, Requisitioner or Approver information you can easily view who is involved in your HCTED spend, click here to find out how to view this information within PD. This is a useful way to view who is purchasing HCTED devices that may need to be purchased through Supply Chain instead.

If you want to create a custom table to help analyse this spend further head over to our Custom tab help article here.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@adviseinc.co.uk.