Tail-end spend can account for a high amount of spend within organisations. It is possible to view this spend within Procurement Dashboard with the use of a search formula. For the example below we are assuming tail-end spend to be defined as spend between £0-£5000, these numbers can easily be changed within the formulas.

Depending on how you would like to evaluate your spend there are 3 formulas that can help:

  • Where invoice spend is between £0 and £5000
=sum([Invoice Line Net Amount])>0 and sum([Invoice Line Net Amount])<5000

  • Where invoice and PO combined spend is between £0 and £5000
=(sum([PO Line Net Amount])+sum([Invoice Line Net Amount]))>0 and (sum([PO Line Net Amount])+sum([Invoice Line Net Amount]))<5000

  • Where PO spend is between £0 and £5000
=sum([PO Line Net Amount])>0 and sum([PO Line Net Amount])<5000

1) Add your desired filters, for example, a date range that you wish to analyse

2) Whether you wish to look at Tail-end spend in terms of spend with supplier or for products, you need to select the relevant filter. The example below is looking into suppliers with PO spend between £0 - £5000 between 1st July 2021 and 30th June 2022.

 3) Within the relevant filter pane select the magnifying glass, remove the wild cards ("**") and paste the required formulas from above, press enter and wait for the filters to be applied.

4) This new filter will then appear within your filter pane as below.

If you want more information about how to utilise the custom tab to create a custom report on your tail-end spend please click here.