There are a number of date filters within PD that you can use to focus your search.

Within PD you can select specific financial and actual years along with particular months by using the data bar towards the top of the page. By selecting the 'More' button along the right side of the dates, you can view more date filters including the past 3, 6 or 12 months and a search box to view PO Created dates and Invoice Created dates.

Click in the greyed box next to the 'PO Created: Date' box and a list of all available dates will appear. You can either click and drag on all dates you would like to include in your search or right-click on the list and select 'Search'.

Within the search bar, remove the "**" wildcards and add the formula below, then press enter, and the date will be added to the filters.


For example, to search between 01-Jan-21 and 26-Feb-21 you would use the below formula


You can also search by a wider variety of date options using the above technique and the 'All possible filter' tab, to learn more about these additional filters please click here.